Who are The Change Collective?

The Change Collective (TCC) is interested in the next generation of thinking and practice linking creative approaches to current social issues. We are a collective of arts practitioners working in complex environments, and non-arts practitioners working across civil society who see the value of an arts-based approach. 
We’re interested in exploring how the arts can help navigate change and believe that today’s social issues require a collaborative approach – often across sectors and through a
variety of different art forms.

Theatre maker | Facilitator |  Performer

What do the Change Collective do?

At TCC we’re using an emergent approach to everything that we do, gathering insights as we go. We’re interested in bringing diverse perspectives together and understanding more about the systems we’re part of can in order to deepen our understanding of how change really happens. We work with MPs, local authorities, the business world and cultural leaders. We also work with groups such as refugees, the homeless community, young offenders and people living with disabilities. See some of our recent blog posts to get a sense of the work we’ve been doing.

Are you looking for creative ways to explore change in your world? 

So are we...

"The Change Collective approach is not only unique in its concept but also exciting in its practice. Working with them has been inspiring, thought provoking and most importantly impactful for those whose voices have been lost "

Rebecca Palmer, Senior project Officer for children and young people’s participation, City Hall

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