The Change Collective aims to create the right conditions for people to be able to connect with the people around them in meaningful ways.

"The Change Collective approach is not only unique in its concept but also exciting in its practice. Working with them has been inspiring, thought provoking and most importantly impactful for those whose voices have been lost "

Rebecca Palmer, Senior project Officer for children and young people’s participation, City Hall

Workshops, projects and events

Our external work is informed by the work we’ve done in the Labs and the stories and experiences we’re carrying with us. We believe the arts can facilitate more inclusive conversations and create new possibilities. By harnessing the power and potential of a systemic and creative approach to change, we want to support communities to work with the complexity that surrounds them.

We teamed up with complexity theory gurus Create adapt and Vanessa Faloye from Radical and Wild for a summer Lab where we tried out an experimental approach to exploring how to navigate complexity. 

Guest speakers included Jean-Claude Cournand spoken word prophet and f...

When we were asked to develop a workshop about health and wellbeing in the arts as part of the Barbican’s Community Masterclass series, we couldn’t have been more pleased.

At The Change Collective we believe that we face challenges more effectively, connect more useful...

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