An evening at TCC HQ

We ran a successful site specific event at the beginning of December 2016, gathering together over 80 people on a Friday night at a warehouse in Borough.

There were quantum physicists, fashion designers, social workers, doctors, teachers and lawyers, friends and friends of friends. The evening was powerful and we discovered something interesting; people seem to be craving a space to connect with the people around them in a meaningful, conscious and thought-provoking way – and it seemed like we’d been able to create the right conditions for that to happen.

The December event was an opening up of our normal ‘Laboratories’ to become part workshop, part ritual and part party. There was food, music and alcohol but it wasn’t a standard event in a bar. There was flip chart and post it’s but it wasn’t your average workshop. This format has the potential to have a real impact for communities in London and we’re developing the model in a different space and for new audiences.

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