Battersea Arts Centre Co-Creating Change Network

The Change Collective Co-Creating Change workshop

We are delighted to be part of this new network of artists, cultural organisations and communities, to explore how we might be able to ‘co-create change together around the UK and beyond’.

Over the next three years we will part of a network made up of some of the UK’s big players in the arts and social change scene including a fine selection of regional organisations and individual artists who are all making work with interesting methodologies and approaches. The network was born out of a feeling amongst many in the arts sector, that there are lots of places out there to share an artistic or creative ‘product’ but currently not many spaces out there to look at ‘process’ or to share how we do things.

The network’s working definition for ‘Co-creation’ is ‘a collaborative way of working which enables people and communities to be actively involved in shaping the things which impact their lives. It shifts power, resource and ownership towards the people the work is intended to benefit, as opposed to the traditional ‘top down’ approach’.

We are excited to be part of an initiative that will challenge our thinking whilst creating opportunities to connect with some inspiring people. David Jubb, Liz Moreton and the BAC team sum it up brilliantly; ‘Through Co-Creating Change, we are interested in exploring our collective responsibility to nurture the creativity of everyone in our community. We are interested in the creative processes you use to encourage people from all walks of life to activate their own creative potential and realise their own ability to make change’. The network is supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Gulbenkian Foundation and Arts Council England.

The Change Collective Co-Creating Change network
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