Create Syria

TCC are currently part of the Create Syria programme, run in Partnership with the British Council and leading Syrian cultural institute Ettijahat . The programme, now in it’s second year, aims to increase the capacity of artists in the region to contribute to the development of stronger communities by designing and delivering arts-based initiatives.

Running throughout 2018, TCC alongside British Council Syria, Ettijahat and a team of incredible Syrian trainers and facilitators, have developed the structure and content of the programme as well as supporting the delivery of a six-day training for five local arts organisations, to develop their technical and artistic skills and build a community of practice.

Where next

As part of Create Syria we're building a toolkit, primarily for artists working in fragile communities, and whilst it's very much rooted in the Syrian context, the toolkit won't be limited to that group. The ambition is that artists and arts organisations around the world pick it up and use it to support the work they’re doing. We’re also planning an event early 2019 which will bring together artists and cultural activists from the Arab region, along with funders and policy makers, to showcase what's come out of the Create Syria project on the one hand, but also to look more broadly at how the arts is being used in the region as a way of dealing with some of the recent history and instability.

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