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For the last twelve months we have been supporting the Barbican and London Borough of Waltham Forest’s pioneering partnership model between a leading international arts center, a local authority and a local community.

Through the design and facilitation of a bespoke collaborative learning programme, we provided an exploratory and reflective space for two fellowship groups with a respective focus on Participatory Performance and Community & Sustainability. This professional development opportunity supported both groups to lead the planning and programming of two key areas at the Walthamstow Garden Party 2018, which aimed to platform, celebrate and bring together Waltham Forest's thriving creative and cultural communities. It also catalysed and nurtured 8 micro action research projects to explore the complexity of balancing social motives with artist survival in competitive urban contexts.

As part of our ongoing exploration into ‘lab spaces’ - non-hierarchical spaces for insight and idea exchange - the creative and cultural community of Waltham Forest were invited to the Borough of Culture HQ to participate in an Ideas Banquet. The banquet offered haptic and multi-sensory opportunities to share the fellow’s insights and a space to consider radical new ideas for ways in which the community can connect across difference in order to move forwards together – reaching the promised 85% of the population with the first ever London borough of culture programme in a meaningful and impactful way. Find out more about each of the 8 fellows or the wider programme objectives here.

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