The May 2019 Lab: a testing space

Over the last two years we’ve been exploring the relationship between our various artistic practices and ‘systems thinking and complexity theory’ - a way of thinking about change that focuses our attention on the underlying systems and relationships that shape behaviour, in both nature and society. The exploration up until that point had been useful for us as creative practitioners working in communities but felt like we’d only scratched the surface. We wanted to share this theory and approach with a wider audience, to make it more accessible and in the process learn more about how it can be applied.

This Lab at Autograph on the 28th May was an opportunity to connect with other creative practitioners interested in systems change to further test an emerging TCC methodology, whilst learning from how others are doing things. Whilst the event wasn’t a public event, we wanted to invite a select number of individuals and organisations that we feel could add value to the workshop through the insights from their own experiences.

Alongside a number of different practitioners, we invited choreographer and artist Margarita Zafrilla to share her work and practice with us; TILTING VERTICALITIES is a choreographic object, a dance inviting us to step into movement conversations, moving inside and outside an object material; a fabricated elastic rubber band suspended between two or more of us, balancing with different structural tensions, inclinations, orientation and impressions. This artwork invites the public to animate dances, rituals, dimensions and conversation on balance, interdependence, stability and change, moving and being moved.

(Alys and Chloe from TCC responding to Margarita’s provocation)

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