The Art of Peace - A TCC and British Council Philippines collaboration

The Change Collective partnered with the British Council Philippines and Xavier University to design and then co-deliver the Art of Peace (AOP) programme. AOP focuses on culture and development to engage and empower arts organisations and peacebuilding civil society organisations from the Bangsamoro region and wider Mindanao. The work is a component of the larger Safe, Cohesive and Just Communities programme in the Philippines, which aims to increase peace, safety and prosperity of vulnerable and at-risk Bangsamoro communities, working with local government, local communities and multiple stakeholders across the region.

Video from the initial workshop in Mindanao in January 2020

We co-designed a programme that used creative practices and approaches to provide local artists the skills, tools and knowledge to build capacity, strengthen confidence in using arts for peacebuilding, and establish an active network of arts practitioners and social leaders in the Bangsamoro region. We used an emergent approach, balancing the needs of the participants in the room whilst also delivering the agreed learning outcomes. The intention of the facilitators was to place a significant emphasis on building relationships as well as a sense of ownership of the network and the process itself amongst the participants. The agenda was delivered as a personal and collective learning experience that could shift attitudes and mindsets as well as improving practical skills.

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