We work with clients and partners to bring an arts approach to challenges they are encountering or questions they need answers to.
"Working on this project was a wonderful opportunity, not only to reconnect with nature myself but to help unearth hidden stories about other peoples connections with nature. We went on journeys through forbidden forests and back in time to spaces that only really exist in peoples memories.
It was a real joy to be part of that process"


         Naomi Waring, TCC facilitator


We design and deliver bespoke workshops responding to a particular challenge or provocation from our clients.
"The Change Collective are facilitating platforms for creative advocacy, ensuring that art in public spaces is inclusively co-designed and that we are always asking the right questions of ourselves and the artistic community - even when its uncomfortable and especially when its challenging"


Sade Banks, The Barbican



Our events bring people together in creative and discursive spaces.
"The Change Collective event struck the perfect balance between providing a great social space and generating purposeful discussions. Such a welcoming, open vibe, and the intriguing mix of creative approaches - poetry, ideation, campfire conversations. It was a great example of the potential of arts-based approaches to support social change."


James Edleston, Create/Adapt 

How can we create the conditions for people to be able to connect more meaningfully with the people around them? 

The Change Collective aims to establish and nurture these conditions by facilitating creative conversations in organisations and with communities.

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